Thriving Passions

Thriving moorland beauty at Haytor, Dartmoor National Park
Thriving moorland beauty at Haytor, Dartmoor National Park

How do you nurture your passions to thrive?

My dad had always encouraged me to go after my passions and to thrive in it. What I have discovered from him about having thriving passions is to give it meaning and freshness.

People and Diversity are my passions and for me, they coexist symbiotically. Together, they thrive because they give me fulfilment and new learning. You could say that they are elements in my comfort zone that constantly stretches the boundaries into the growth zone.

Through the meaningful connections at work, home and play, my life is enriched with a plethora of fresh perspectives. I relish being exposed to seeing things with a new lens and understanding situations from different angles as well as finding alternative ways to resolve matters. This is how I grow and how my passions grow with me.

What does having thriving passions look like in practice?

Some personal examples:

Work: Prior to becoming a coach, I chose to chart my corporate career path through multinational companies and found roles that required collaborating with others, both cross-functionally or cross-culturally. This allowed me to interact with a multitude of people whom I can pick up as well as share the latest skills and knowledge that could accelerate our growth collectively.

Home: I enjoy hosting and visiting as well as making time to virtually keep up with friends and family who are scattered all over the world and from different walks of life. Apart from having the satisfaction of gaining a variety of thinking from our conversations, I appreciate that mutual support and care are the bonds that unite these relationships.

Play: Besides beholding the wonders of nature in awe, my purpose for exploring the world is to enhance my understanding of different cultures. I believe that with greater awareness and recognition of each other's way of life, we will find that we are all much more alike than we would have thought. Perhaps, then we can come together towards making the world a more gracious and accepting place.

I noticed that the other activities that I indulge in like cooking, writing and volunteering to name a few more, are also people-centered and multifarious. During the Covid pandemic lockdown in 2020, I experimented with over 200 new recipes of cuisines from every continent. In addition to writing about personal development, I write poems on the themes of life and love. As a pro bono coach and mentor tied to a university and a number of charities, it excites me to find that all my clients have a common goal despite the varied backgrounds from which they came - to be the best version of themselves and bring out the best in others. This made me appreciate the opportunity to do the same for them even more.

Hence, I always strive to place myself in an environment where I'm able to have a great time acquiring fresh learning and developing meaningfully. This is how I nurture my passion for people and diversity to thrive.

Again, how do you nurture your passions to thrive? Drop me a comment below.

Want to create an environment for your passions to thrive?

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