Working Together

You will find yourself in a positive environment to create clear and actionable personal strategies. This will empower you to harness your skills and apply them to your passions.

Personal vision

Ignite your S.P.A.R.K.©and achieve your full potential! Recognise your worth, realise your passion and live your purpose.


Rise and shine professionally. Pursue that promotion, negotiate that raise, lead that team or make that career change.


Establish meaningful connections. Collaborate more effectively at work, relate deeper at home, and engage better at play.

Balanced Life

Tip the scale in your favour. Have the lifestyle you desire by setting boundaries around your priorities.


Get more out of life. Be in control of your time, resources and energy.

Choose How You Want To Work

S.P.A.R.K.© programme

A specially-designed 15-week programme to help align the elements of your core. So that you will be empowered to take that bold step forward to your golden opportunity. 



1:1 Coaching

A bespoke 10-hour programme to help you develop clear personal strategies in a specific focus area. So that you can advance and achieve your goals with confidence.



Group Coaching*

Six 2-hour facilitated sessions for a group of up to five like-minded people to leverage diverse perspectives. So that you can enhance the strategies for your personal goals.



*Limited group coaching spots available. Secure yours today!

**Interest-free monthly payment plan available. Pay by card or bank transfer.

Please note that at present, all coaching sessions will be held virtually via audio or video calls.

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