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About me

Hello. I’m Adele. 


My idea of a fulfilling life is to live a life of choice where I can achieve my dreams without succumbing to the pressures of society.


This is because I’ve lived most of my life constantly feeling overwhelmed, confused, lost and stuck in my circumstances - at home, in school, at work, in society - and I did not like it one bit. 


I have found that having clarity and alignment of my beliefs, values, purpose and aspirations empower me to develop resilience and create possibilities to overcome my predicaments.


Consequently, the life I now live sees me passionately realising the 3 life goals my younger self has set for me – travel the globe, help others lead a better life and write.

S.P.A.R.K.© Self-Alignment Model

The S.P.A.R.K.© self-alignment model is designed to strengthen the relationship you have with yourself. This means making all the elements of your core – values, strengths, vision and purpose – clear and aligned. When this happens, you will be able to make authentic decisions and set goals that would truly enrich your life. Therefore, allowing you to be empowered to take actions to realise them.

Identify your values, strengths and vision.
Connect with your true motivations.
Take accountability.
Celebrate successes.
Stay present and shine!

Client Sparks


Customer Insights Director, UK

"Adele has been an invaluable partner in my personal and professional growth over the last 10 months. We started working together at a time of transition as my team grew rapidly and brought with it new challenges and opportunities for exponential business impact. Adele has a lot of tools in her arsenal, but what was most beneficial to me was Adele’s skill for active listening combined with her focus on outcomes. We touched upon many topics over the course of the time we worked together, but in particular, Adele helped me better manage the chaos that can accompany rapid team expansion bringing me back to what was most important, not only professionally, but personally too, shifting the focus to the actions that were in my control. I will take what I have learned forwards and would love to work with Adele again in the future."


Head of International Talent Acquisition, UK

"Adele delivers a fantastic coaching environment that is both simple and positive. Over the past three months, Adele has worked with me to harness crucial advantages within my job role from time management, relationship management, personal brand and strategic planning. Adele has a down to earth, no gimmick coaching style providing a sensible platform to expedite the achievement of my goals. It's also pertinent to highlight that the significant value extracted came with what felt like net-zero impact to my time, headspace and energy each week. I believe that partnering with Adele is a smart choice and one that I’m incredibly grateful for having experienced."


Executive Managing Director, USA

"I knew right away that Adele was a great choice for me – a high energy cheerleader who also listened intently and was able to very clearly summarize and articulate for me what she heard in terms of my ambitions. She always brought our purpose into focus, even on days when I would blather on about what was going on in my career/work life. She was able to boil it down to a few key takeaways which I would then work on in between. I greatly appreciated the seriousness with which she approached her role but also her fun-loving attitude that made the process more enjoyable. Throughout the 6 months we spent in coaching, she made me think deeply about my choices as well as my goals. She offered ideas on what to do during my free time to help move things forward which kept us disciplined and on the right track. Overall working with Adele was a great experience and I would highly recommend her as a coach!"


Finance Controller, UK

"Adele coached me from Oct through Dec 2022 where we worked on communication, with an emphasis on senior stakeholders, and communicating to persuade and influence. Her charismatic style was the perfect catalyst for self-reflection, making it very comfortable to look deep and ask the right questions. She was effective at keeping our focus in check, and has a natural ability to break perceived barriers down. She has also given me a set of tools to work and a focus to apply them. Adele always made herself available, was flexible, and was simply a joy to collaborate with on my development. I look forward to working with Adele again in the future."


Senior Marketing Manager, USA

“This was my first time having a coach and Adele made my first experience unforgettable! I was going through a lot of transitions in my new role reporting to the CEO and had several areas I wanted to improve as a marketing leader. Adele helped me navigate through these times by helping me recognize my full potential. I appreciated Adele’s ability to challenge me to think more strategically and come up with ways to uncover solutions. I really enjoyed my journey with Adele and will be able to take what I’ve learned and use it throughout my career.” 


Marketing Director, USA

"Adele helped me think through my team structure and how I might want to think about balancing the work in a different way to maximize effectiveness. She also helped me think through how I could build my internal network in a new role, help build my team vision/objectives, and even walk through my thought process in evaluating candidates during a team hiring process. Adele also helped me think about how I can make time to focus on my strategic priorities vs. daily tasks. This was huge for me as a new manager, where I was making a shift from an individual contributor to leading a group. Coming out of my coaching sessions with Adele, I'm now a confident manager where I'm building the right relationships within our organization, being an effective leader and driving towards the Vision I set with my team."


Senior Programme Manager, USA

"When I started working with Adele, I was moving into a Senior Management role, with additional responsibilities and longer hours, while balancing family health issues. Adele helped steer me in the right direction, showing where to focus to complete the important tasks and delegate responsibilities to others. She assisted with personnel issues I had, improving my teaching and leadership techniques, assisting with using different approaches with different people. Adele also helped with my work/life balance, making sure I took time to support my family and myself. Through Adele’s support, with the growing work, my stress levels have greatly reduced. Since my last coaching session with Adele, I have moved into a Program Management role and have the leadership tools I need to succeed. I couldn’t thank her enough."


Lead Designer, USA

"After working with career coaches in the past, I’ve found they provide a one size fits all program and left with minimal “takeaways”. With Adele, she recalled granular details from our exchanges, provided anecdotal evidence for her suggested approaches and genuinely made me feel comfortable to speak to my weaknesses. She was able to help me chat through my challenges and help reframe reality during a very challenging time in my career. This was not a prescribed and unfeeling exchange, this was like talking to an old friend. I highly recommend Adele and look forward to partnering with her in the future. And to Adele, I am so grateful for all of your time and support. Truly a kind soul - thank you!"


Chief Human Resources Officer, USA

"It was my first experience with coaching, and Adele could not have been better. She helped me think through several complex situations and provided another perspective that I needed to hear. She employed great listening skills and also a keen insight into business."


Enterprise Claims Branch Manager, USA

"To say that I am impressed is an understatement! Adele helped me organize my thoughts, focus on my "want" and shaped tangible steps resulting in craftful execution. I left every meeting focused, energized, and ready to overcome all obstacles. Adele is a great listener and a master when it comes time to asking both open and probing questions. I highly recommend her services."


Social Impact Investment Director, USA

"Adele created a safe and inviting space for me to open up about all aspects of my life to truly understand the opportunity and timing with my personal career aspirations. She was empathetic, present, and a great listener. She asked probing questions that helped me come to new insights or thoughts about next steps. She was very well organized and I appreciated her mindfulness in remembering previous conversations and taking notes. She was also great in helping me set next steps and held me accountable in a caring, thoughtful way. Thank you Adele!"


SVP Imaging and Platforms, USA

"I enjoyed working with Adele on my leadership goals. Honestly it was nice to have someone to talk to about all the new struggles in management today. She helped me talk though how I feel about work from home culture and the ongoing turnover issues we are all facing. And she reminded me that I am awesome, hard working and human. And most importantly that it’s okay to care but not carry all the weight that others try to hand you. I recommended any leader who needs help with goals or navigating the management landscape to consider talking to Adele."


Regional Regulatory Team Lead, Ireland

"Adele was an incredible coach who gave me the space to allow me to develop my own thinking and solutions to the issues I had highlighted. She was thoughtful and considerate throughout the process and supported me in areas which I found challenging... but most of all she showed me the importance of holding space and has encouraged me to hold space for myself and others."


Director of Engineering Excellence, USA

"Adele was a great executive coach. She was encouraging and insightful, and she was interested in me as a whole person, not just a leader in my company. She did a great job solidifying things that were floating around in my head into concrete action items which I could then hold myself accountable for. She was a pleasure to talk to and provided lots of great takeaways for my future career path."


Business Designer, Brazil

"In our VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world, it can sometimes be difficult to choose the next step. This year I went through one of those moments. Luckily, I was able to meet Adele and her S.P.A.R.K. © program. Adele’s coaching has brought enormous clarity to my ideas, very relevant reflections and, most importantly, stimulated my action and movement towards my life goals. I really valued her support in helping me to structure my thoughts with the right questions and making me expand my vision through the experiences she shared with me. This has enabled progress towards my goals in each session! I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for clarity and a way to expand their thinking; and break through their ceiling!"


Global Talent, Inclusion & Diversity Head, USA

"I was going through a career transition when I was introduced to Adele’s SPARK coaching programme. By the end of the programme, I had come out with 3 clear and SMART goals for my career and life plan; and I even felt empowered to achieve them. This clarity of thought, purpose and path was way more than I had expected when I started on the SPARK journey. I highly recommend this programme to anyone who is at crossroads in life and looking for a gentle push in the right direction. Adele is a great coach, very perceptive and flexible --- she made me feel like this programme was specially designed for me and that I was at the center of her SPARK approach."


Entrepreneur - Creative Agency, Australia

"I was going through a period of transition and growth in my business, and Adele guided me through her S.P.A.R.K.© framework, and helped me clarify my intentions for my life and the journey ahead! She helped me to dig deep and find the answers I was looking for to manage everything - having a life and a thriving business, with great team support. I really value Adele’s attentiveness in being fully present to structure my thoughts with the right questions and was always in tune with my needs as she shares relevant anecdotes that expands my thinking. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for clarity and a way to break through their ‘ceiling’ in life or in business, or in my case, both!"


Health Information Management Director, USA

"Working with Adele is amazing! My job role became redundant, and my position was eliminated. I had worked with several coaches over the years and Adele brought something completely different to the table. She actively listens, makes you feel like she’s an old friend, and ignites a fire within you with her reflective questions in your pursuit of answers. She helped me clarify my goals - sorting through my wants vs. needs; enabled me to tackle my fears - firstly by identifying what they really are, then finding solutions for them; and kept me focused by holding me accountable to my actions. Her support and encouragement has freed some self-limiting beliefs and broadened my mind to explore and secure job opportunities that I'm passionate about. In my mind, she is the only coach you will need."


People & Change Management Partner, Kenya

"Adele was a great tactical and accountability partner as I transitioned from an external-facing role to an internal-facing one within the same organization. She helped me to better plan and structure my approach to my new portfolio, build valuable relationships with my new colleagues and set myself up for success. I am more confident as I scope and roll out new projects now, and have ably taken on more direct reports without getting overwhelmed. Thanks Adele!"


Software Developer (IT management), Yemen

"I was new to coaching and Adele made it the best first time experience I have. She helped me explore my strengths and weaknesses to support my professional development into a leadership role. With Adele, I was able to develop ways to deal with complex situations using my own knowledge and self-awareness. After just four sessions, my attitude towards myself and my career shifted tremendously. I find myself reenergised and full of enthusiasm like what I had when I first started working - I was filled with courage to make and even embrace change, and to move forward by making choices that benefit me, not just looking out for everyone else. I have come to regard Adele as a valued friend as well as career advisor. I highly recommend Adele to anyone who wants to grow professionally and personally.


Programme Policy Officer, Kenya

"My coaching journey with Adele was exciting and fulfilling. Her calm and structured approach made me feel safe and confident that I was in experienced hands. With Adele's support, I am able to see the biggest picture of my role at work and at home; allowing me to build more intentional, collaborative and sustainable partnerships with my colleagues as well as my family. I have developed self-awareness and I am now more cognizant of my environment to generate win-win scenarios. I have also enhanced my facilitation skills, shifted my approach on giving / receiving feedback and gained ability to stay calm and in control in times of uncertainty. I would highly recommend Adele to anyone who wants to be energised, motivated and be in the momentum for continuous growth."


Regional Marketing Manager, Singapore

“Adele’s authentic and unique style of coaching will put you at ease! Through my partnership with Adele on my job search journey, I was able to share my thoughts, reflect and reframe with Adele guiding me along the way. I am grateful to Adele who was able to uplift and bring out the best in me. Adele’s candid style and her unassuming sharing of her life experiences resonated fully with what I was going through and reassured me that I’m not alone. I have definitely benefitted from my coaching journey with Adele and will highly recommend connecting with her if you feel stuck in the rut and need that someone to help you see things clearly.” 


Pharmaceutical Commercial Director, Philippines

"Adele is a great example of a coach who demonstrates Level 5 listening - listening with empathy. She is genuinely curious and compassionate, asks the right questions, always willing to support and enable. Our conversations over a cup of coffee (or tea) have been simply energising and meaningful. Having a lovely friend and coach is a real gift!"

Dr. Mandy

Global QA Manager, Chile

“Adele is sincerely empathetic and generates a beautiful space of trust where I can let go of all tension and let flow my thoughts. Her great way of listening allows me the opportunity to explore my ideas and options without rush. She helps me to focus and find new ways to solve challenges that even may surprise me. With her support, I organized private and business matters so that I could move forward and continue growing professionally and personally. I absolutely appreciate Adele’s joyous and honest way of celebrating my successes with me, and I absolutely recommend working with her.”


Communications Consultant, UK

“Adele has a deep business acumen because she considers the bigger picture in terms of the strategic imperative, purpose, cultural values, brand, legal, financial and ethical implications. I appreciate her openness in sharing different ideas, perspective and external insights in a structured, clear and measured way that allows for open and honest conversation. She’s also a great listener and an authentic leader who has purpose, values and integrity, which is why Adele is my go to person for counsel.”


Government worker/part-time entrepreneur, USA

“Adele has coached me on a number of occasions and has a presence about her that builds instant trust. She is calm, caring, and truly passionate about helping me reach my goals. Adele radiates a “can do” attitude, and this positivity has sparked me to make improvements in my business, personal relationships and confidence. She is skilled at getting to the heart of a challenge so that you can move past the obstacles that stand between you and your goals. Her coaching has helped me unlock my thinking and gain different perspectives. I highly recommend Adele.”

What sparks you? 

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