Name your Price

Knowing our worth is crucial in shaping how we view ourselves and the world because it formulates how we would show up for ourselves and others, which impacts how others would show up for us as well. For me, it’s like putting a price tag on yourself. By appreciating your true value, you will know best where and how to invest your resources to get the returns that you desire. 

When I’m living my core values, I feel complete and energised as well as fulfilment, peace and joy. This is because I also receive the same level of energy, or higher, from my interactions with others. In practice, I make quicker decisions, take faster actions and behave more authentically to achieve the results that I want for myself and others. When I’m not “priced right”, I tend to feel inadequate, uptight and even lost.

So, how do you appraise yourself? 

  1. Develop self-awareness: I spend a considerable amount of time musing on my thoughts, emotions and actions taken in circumstances that yielded successful and less effective outcomes. In each of them, I try to identify and understand what is genuinely important for me to have experienced. 
  2. Be open to external perspectives: Having a zealous energy for people, especially to better serve them, I also continuously seek the sharing of others’ perspectives and observations of me. Additionally, I invested in profiling tests i.e. Jung’s, Myers-Briggs, RHETI, Tony Robbins, Gretchen Rubin

All these have enabled me to learn about my personality and strengths to know who I truly am and what I’m capable of as well as made me discover my inner passions. Over time, I have found that my fundamental values are accountability, achievement and adventure. Knowing this has served me to remain true to myself in many personal and professional circumstances.

For instance, when evaluating next moves in the past 15 years of my corporate career, be it to pursue an offered opportunity or to look for another option, I would ask myself these few questions:
  • Can I be accountable to deliver what is required of me for this role as well as maintain my health and relationships as a wife, daughter, sister, friend, which are my life’s priorities?
  • Can I be successful in this role as well as achieve my other goal in life as a globetrotter? 
  • What are the new experiences that I would gain from this role? Do they contribute to my vision and purpose? 

The answers to these questions have helped me authentically respond to opportunities and options that have fittingly shaped my career to where it is today. 

What’s your price tag? Drop me a comment below.

Want to discover and live your core values? 

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