Connect with your Purpose

A lot has been said about the importance and benefits of having a purpose in life. Some common lines includes:
  • Informs our existence
  • Provides you with a direction in life
  • Gives you a reason to get out of bed in the morning

For me, having a purpose is one thing and connecting to it is another. Being connected to my purpose is akin to giving me a reason to believe in myself and allowing me to be myself. I do this by aligning my purpose to my values and understanding my true motivations for my purpose. 

How do you determine your true motivations and connect them to your purpose?
    • Priorities: Identify the important elements in your life that make you whole. 
    • Purpose: Design a life where you and the elements in your life flourish together.
    • True motivations: Verify the reasons for your choice to live such a life. 

All of us in our various circumstances have our own myriad of priorities. However, what are the most significant ones that without them, you would feel lost? I have identified that the prominent matters in my life are meaningful relationships, health and empowerment. 

As I apply my values in each of these aspects, I find myself focused on:
      • inspiring and enabling people to find their spark and achieve their goals
      • caring for my physical, mental and emotional well-being as well as that of others 
      • ensuring that I am always able to have a voice and make an independent choice, supporting others who want the same

Crystallising this establishes my purpose, that is to help others live their full potential. What I have realised in carrying out this purpose is experiencing the joy in the success of others.

To live a life experiencing this joy fulfils me. This is my true motivation. 


What is the true motivation for your purpose? Drop me a comment below.  

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