Why Change?

There are many circumstances in which one would look for a change. After all, change is the only constant. But why do people struggle to change?

Snippets from a couple of articles I’ve read mentioned: Change is difficult because we focus on the negative aspects of the change. Most often, when a change is proposed that will affect us, our first thoughts - what we say to ourselves about it - are negative. We tell ourselves that the change will be difficult (hard to do, complicated, awkward), costly (time-consuming, damaging to us or our reputation) and/or weird (not how people act, not what’s expected). When we tell ourselves these things, it makes the change seem foolish or even dangerous; it automatically sets us up to resist or even sabotage the change.

In my own findings on this topic of change, these are the common statements and questions that pop up:

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Having gone through various transitions and asking these very same questions myself, I dug a little deeper into this. I found that appreciating the ‘why’ for the change is the key first step to making meaningful changes in one’s life. Having clarity of the ‘why’ will be able to help overcome the barrier of inaction or rash-action caused by uncertainty, confusion (from overthinking), fear of judgement and self-limiting beliefs. 

Learning from others, gaining clarity of the ‘why’ is easy when you have a strong relationship with yourself. That is, all the elements of your core i.e. values, strength, vision and purpose are clear and aligned. 

When this alignment happens, the answers to questions like the ones above are so obvious that making a decision, even if it’s a life-changing one becomes straightforward. You would also know the appropriate actions to take, which includes asking for support because you are certain of what you want to achieve and recognise your capabilities to get there. Additionally, you would be tackling the situation authentically because your decision and actions are aligned to your core

Coming out on the other side in my own personal experience, when the motivations for my goals align with my personal values and purpose, I feel at peace with a sense of pride and a surge of energy to embrace my onward journey.

What change are you considering right now? Drop me a comment below.

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