Stepping Stones

I’ve never heard of anyone who’s remained on one spot their entire lives. Everyone is always in transition either caused by inner desires or external circumstances - be the change or be changed. This is because as humans, the only way to survive in this world is to move forward.  

Imagine multiple goals lined up on the edge of a riverbank, each calling out to us from across the river. Some of us know which goal to go for while some of us are a little unsure as to which goal to pursue. And some of us have a narrower river to cross than others. Whichever the situation, we all know that remaining on the side of the riverbank that you’re on is not what you want. 

So, in getting across to the other side we may see several path options:
  • Clear path - the stones lined up pretty much straight like a bridge
  • Multiple paths - scattered stones but will get you across
  • Obscure path - submerged stone(s) breaking the path

!Caution: There could also potentially be shaky or slippery stones on any of these paths. 

Stepping stones
My approach towards these stepping stones is to be:
  • Open-minded - Some stones could be anchor points or springboards for your next steps but you won’t know until you’ve stepped on them
  • Attentive - Some shaky or slippery stones are camouflaged as sturdy but stepping on them gives you an opportunity to train your core and balancing skills
  • Resilient - Submerged stones may get you wet but it could be an occasion to test your waterproof outfit or learn to swim

Ultimately, all the experiences gained from each stepping stone will only enrich you and enhance the pleasure of achieving your goal when you get to the other riverbank. 

I started my corporate career with what I thought was a clear path. However, quite early on, I stepped on a couple of shaky stones. This diverted my steps to some scattered stones and even led to an obscure path. Looking back, it’s interesting to see that with each step I took, I gained better clarity and affirmation of my purpose. That is, to help others to live their full potential.

Some highlights of how my corporate career has helped me show up as the coach that I am today:
  • Global organisation - Through my work in multinational companies, I was exposed to the varied cultures that we have around the globe. This has been valuable in helping me build relationships with my clients from various backgrounds
  • Business acumen - Something I did not learn in my biochemistry degree! My diverse experience working in different areas of the company as well as in several enterprises with distinct business models and ways of working has given me the basics to set up and run my own coaching practice
  • Leadership - Apart from line managers, I also encountered different leadership styles in matrix structures. I have learned that authentic leadership is not without these key ingredients - empathy, humility and transparency; qualities that I hope to emulate not just professionally but personally as well

These lessons and more have made me appreciate the assorted stones I’ve stepped on. They have helped me achieve my goal of becoming a coach, more equipped than I could’ve imagined. 

What is your approach towards transitions? Drop me a comment below. 

Want to prepare for your next stepping stone? 

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