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Determine your goals and draft SMART plans to achieve them

Starting a new job or venture is thrilling, but it can also be overwhelming. In the corporate world, a 90-day plan helps executives adjust to their new position quickly and effectively. This SMART* plan forms the guidelines and maps out the goals for one to achieve in the short and long term. (*Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound)

Ninety days ago, I announced the launch of my website to a wide audience on LinkedIn. My objective for doing so was to increase my profile as a transition coach that supports seasoned professionals who are in transition or thinking about a change. That is, helping them to successfully move forward in their career or new life direction equipped with clear personal strategies. 

Promoting myself and my practice publicly is a completely uncharted territory to me. As such, I decided to draft a plan to help me focus and stay on track towards my goals. Here’s what I did, and more importantly what I learned, in the past 3 months. 


  • LinkedIn: Daily interactions with the LinkedIn community, weekly posting of my blogs as well as connecting and reconnecting with others at every available opportunity. These actions have enabled me to grow my network and following on LinkedIn. It was also really lovely to reconnect with former colleagues and classmates, catching up on each others’ lives. Interestingly, although my objective for reaching out was to get their support to spread the word of my new endeavour, a few of them chose to be my clients instead. I suppose, there’s no better way to endorse someone than experiencing their services for yourself first! I am indeed extremely grateful and honored for the trust and opportunity to be their coach. 
  • Website: Track website traffic growth. This has allowed me to understand where my audience is coming from - 500 new users across 34 different countries - and experiment with the type of content to post as well as the best time to do so. 
  • Clients: Encourage existing and potential clients to engage with my posts on LinkedIn if they resonated with them, spread the word of my new venture with their network and share testimonials of the coaching experience they had with me. This has helped me understand my strengths and niche as well as boosted my confidence - a much needed element starting out on this new journey. 

Personal growth

  • Collaborations: Be open to learn from others and be supportive of others. Through my interactions with various people, I’ve been exposed to new ways of thinking and found different approaches that better suit my clients. Further to that, I had the opportunity to experience a couple of new things. 1) I had my first ever book interview with a coach who’s writing about perfectionism. 2) I recently started a project with a few other coaches to run discussion sessions on the Clubhouse platform. In this forum, we hope to talk about various topics pertaining to Global Ways of Working. For example, overcoming challenges living miles away from home, how to understand and embrace the different practices living in a foreign land and what to consider when thinking or planning to relocate. 
  • Blogging: Practising what I preach - “deploy your skills where your passion thrives''. Writing is a passion of mine that complements my purpose of being in the business of empowering people forward with clarity. Not knowing who actually reads the blogs I post on my website but if one person is being helped from reading them, I would feel accomplished and fulfilled. To my greatest surprise, I was recently invited to be an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine (Top 10 list of Business Magazine in the world next to Forbes, Entrepreneur, and INC) because they believe that the topics and insights that I’m passionate about can bring a lot of value to their readers. This was certainly not part of the plan but one I welcome to take on because it aligns with my value, purpose and passion.
  • Agility: Growth is exhibited through implementation of change for me. Having clarity on what I want to achieve in my first 90 days has helped me continuously adjust my priorities and fit my boundaries to ensure that I move in the right direction during this time. In addition, it has also contributed to me knowing what to start, stop, continue, do more of and experiment in the next 90 days to continue establishing myself as a transition coach. 
  • Maintain self-care: To be an effective coach, I need to ensure that I'm well-oiled and fully functioning in all aspects of my life. Hence, as part of my 90-day plan, I had three non-negotiable activities to manage my time and energy - daily workouts, healthy meals and having ample time to rest. This has equipped me with a healthy state of mind, body and soul to show up fully present for myself, my tasks and my clients. 

Inherently, one’s learning curve tends to be steep in a new environment. Hence, it is ever more important to be present to keep focus on the SMART goals that you have outlined and trust the process. The results of my first 90 days, especially with 5 new clients have granted me an optimistic view for the next 90 days and I cannot be more excited! 

Here are a couple of links on how to write a 90-day plan: Atlassian and The Muse

What do you want to achieve in the next 90 days? Drop me a comment below. 

Want to develop your SMART 90-day plan? 

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